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It’s amazing how my personal travel styles have changed.  As a child and young adult, I did not have the opportunity to travel much beyond my own personal space.  The bus to the school, the carpool home from sports, the family drives to the grandparent’s house.  As a young mother, I planned road trips with a vengeance!  We would often have such a tight schedule that we would only see the landscape from the car, dreaming silently about where those paths would take us.

Fast forward through more than a decade of building my travel business and I can finally see the beauty in leaving time for mindless explorations and off-the-beaten path excursions.  Oh, the bucket list is still there, most certainly.  Years of reading National Geographic Magazine have paved the desire to indulge my senses in the many natural and man-made wonders of the world.  But ticking off a list is just not enough anymore.  I don’t need to know how many countries I have visited.  It just doesn’t matter, you know?

What DOES matter to me is that I remain open to truly seeing my destination.  That I FEEL it’s pulse and begin to understand what draws people to it.  I believe that each place on earth holds an energy all its own… not just the earth, but the people who live there. Letting life happen while I am with them has given me some incredible moments that I will always cherish.  You know how it is, don’t you?  Something happens unexpectedly that overwhelms your senses and opens your mind and heart.  Something happens that you will never forget.  Letting Life Happen.  Will you vow to let it happen the next time you travel?  Will you let go of some of your fears and habits and explore willingly without expectations?  If you will, I vow to help you.

My passion is in assisting you to find the road less traveled.  My passion is people.  My passion is nature.  As I Iook down from my small plane heading towards my oldest son in LA, I already feel his presence.  My flight attendant’s name is Tim…my son’s name is Tim.  How much fun is that?  And I know that with Tim, we will let things happen.  It’s interesting to me how much I learn from my three sons.  (Don’t start humming the TV jingle!)  And I learn from the earth.  And I learn by changing the scenery often.  The roots of “home” give me physical nourishment.  Travel nourishes my spirit.  It soothes my soul.  Letting Life Happen, even on vacation.  Especially on vacation.

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We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be? . . .
Your playing small does not serve the world.”
~ Marianne Williamson

steps A step towards becoming the person you have always wanted to be; have you taken it, or do you hide behind the excuses?  You know exactly the ones I mean…all those words that you try to bury permanently, but that find a way to escape and destroy.  “When I have the money”, or “If I lose this weight”, or “If I can convince my significant other to help me”.  Remember Yoda from Star Wars?  “Do or do not…there is no try”.

As I take my journey, it is becoming crystal clear that not only does it belong to me exclusively, but the key ingredient is mindset.  As a diving coach I learned quickly that if I could assist my students in visualizing the perfect dive by choosing the right words and having them practice them in the correct sequence, always mindful of practicing it CORRECTLY, they would perform it correctly.  It is true as we live each and every day.

I had the pleasure of listening to an hour-long tele-conference with Yvonne Oswold, author of the best-seller “Every Word has Power”. Begin to change the words you use to avoid “low-energy” words like hard, hate, dislike, or difficult.  There have been studies that show these actually lower your immune system when spoken!  Rather, choose “high-energy” words such as “not easy”, love, and excitement, light.  A different part of your brain is used when these are spoken.  She shared so many wonderful exercises to help with a variety of limiting beliefs.

Yvonne suggests finding a “switch buddy” to catch you saying the low words by saying “switch”.  You will both benefit immediately.  If you feel a need to vent, and this is good to release the negative, ask permission for a 5 minute vent.  Your buddy shall allow the words to flow right on by and over their head!  I sure can see the benefit of this one.  With kids, simply ask them to help you change YOUR posture (for example) by clearing their throat when you slouch.  You will see their posture improve, too!

Me in South Africa on an ant hill

Do this…I am going to write a letter to myself every morning, imagining all the things in detail that I will have accomplished by evening.  I will share in the letter how I will feel and how awesome it was to have the fabulous day I just had.  Share with me your results in a few days!  I would love to hear from you.

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Do you see yourself as a habitual vacationer…heading to the same beach every summer to sit in a lounge chair and read a novel, or finding the cheapest hotel room, airline ticket, or cruise cabin?  Or are you the adventure seeker, the rock wall climber, the hiker and biker, the mover and shaker?  This active travel pro has been working for both travel types for more than 12 years, but can you guess which one rocks my world?  I’ll give you one guess; Traveler #2, you complete me!

"Adventure Biking"

Adventure Biking

Bobbie’s Travel is morphing into Active Travel Pro as we speak, and will be live VERY soon (November 2012).  I understand you, #2; we speak the same language.  I have explored many of the destinations you crave to visit, like US National Parks, Maine, California, Florida, Alaska, Costa Rica, South Africa, Hawaii, Mexico, Italy, Canada, the Caribbean Islands,United Kingdom, Scandinavia and Russia.  I have completed education with the Cruise Line Industry Association by receiving one of the highest honors, Master Cruise Counselor.  Very soon I will complete the Travel Institute’s Adventure Specialist Program.

Our great relationship with many industry leaders means we have an edge in excellent service.  My affiliation offers special cruise departures called Vacation Vignettes with on board hosts and excursions included for free.  I am often able to provide a complimentary hotel upgrade, added welcome gift, and other amenities.  You will receive comprehensive travel guides and have every detail of your vacation taken care of while I am at your service before, during and after your amazing adventure.


Zip-lining Away in Costa Rica!

So, my friend, you are a busy professional…use an Active Travel Pro to plan your next journey!  Contact me for your free 30 minute consultation to discover WHAT EXCITES YOU!   Active Travel Pro rocks.

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"Revel Resort Atlantic City"

Revel Resort, Atlantic City

It was such a pleasure and kinesthetic feast to stay at the Revel Hotel the week before Sandy hit the coast in Atlantic City, New Jersey.   Built as a fortress above the boardwalk, Revel Resort managed to reopen just a week later (today) to house some of the newly homeless folks in the area.  Let’s take a short tour.  You can check out the website for details on location and pricing, and perhaps you can visit sometime soon to see for yourself!

"Revel Resort"

the escalator entrance

As I entered the main entrance and ascended one of the many escalators, I knew this was a special place.  The moving stairs crisscrossed below me, and gold pieces of metal hanging from the ceiling sparkled in the sunlight.  A casino hotel that orients towards views of the beach (or any views at all!) is so un-Vegas!  The casino floor is massive and gorgeous, the lobby, with all sorts of little living rooms surrounding and hiding, is stunning.Just off the front desk area is a lovely outdoor gathering spot, complete with fire pit.   And there are more outdoor living areas on this level, too!   The bar inside Revel Resort was always busy in the evening.  With 13 eateries, several fine dining options, you will never need to hit the boardwalk unless for some people watching!  I had an amazing meal at American Cut, and some nice lunches and breakfasts at Luke’s.  Believe it or not, all 1399 rooms have sweeping ocean views.  Ask for the highest room available!

The vibe here is definitely “cool”.  I loved the many sexy curves of the architecture, as well as the fact that I am convinced that they want you to get lost in this place.  There were few signs of direction, and I giggled as I disembarked the escalator to follow what seemed the way to go…only to have the hallway end in a wall of glass!  Later I watched many others do the same.

"Revel Resort"

Revel is on far right

"Pool at Revel"

Pool at Revel

Check Revel Resort out soon for yourself!  You will love the disco and casino, the pool area has outdoor and indoor swimming, the beach is great (although I suspect there is going to be lots of clean-up still to be done) and the staff is helpful.  The beds were comfy, showers big and beautiful and the entire experience incredible.   Enjoy!

Bobbie Murphy




I will bet that you never thought of romance and adventure travel going hand-in-hand, now, did you?  Allow me to paint a picture for ya!

A Bear Mountain Hike

A Bear Mountain Hike

You and your special companion want a short vacation together, you know, to see if your travel styles are going to meld.  Your travel pro is able to secure a wonderful secluded cabin in a mountain retreat…complete with both a luxurious thread-count and a porch with an incredible view.  It even has a hot-tub for soothing tired muscles.  Getting the picture?   Romantic adventure.Hope you brought your hiking boots and maybe even a mountain bike!  For me, there’s nothing more romantic than sitting on a log at the top of a beautiful wooded trail, enjoying the bird sounds while the sun paints various shades of pink, yellow and orange across the sky.  You look into his or her eyes and smile, knowing that you have shared something incredibly special that you will remember forever.

There’s a bucket-list of destinations all over the world ready to be explored with your sweetie; here are a few of my favorites.  It’s so rewarding to plan honeymoons and other milestone trips, and you certainly could use some help to add an element of surprise to make it extra special.  But I would be sure to give them major hints on what to pack!

Scuba Couple

Romance in the Sea

Riviera Maya for kayaking in a biosphere, scuba and snorkel, ATVs, swimming with whale sharks.  Check out the beautiful Playacar Palace, a short stroll from the hustle and bustle of Playa del Carmen.

Any US National Park for hiking, motorcycling, bicycling, and boating or kayaking.  Ballooning?  The National Park Lodges tend to not be luxurious, but many are historic and in amazing settings with fabulous views.  One of my favorites is Yosemite and the Ahwahnee.

Alaska by land or cruise.  Check out the small ship cruises offered by Inner Sea Discoveries. The small ship is able to navigate so much closer to glaciers and dock in the tiniest of ports.  You will have extreme close-up encounters with wildlife and nature.

Hawaii for riding a bike down the volcano Haleakula (you should see the sunrises and sunsets from here!), boat excursions for dinner, snorkel, kayak.  There’s an amazing zip-line in Maui (on other islands, too).   And what’s more romantic than a swim in the ocean and a long walk on a beach?

Thailand, where you can ride an elephantand even give him and bath!  Luxuriate in an incredible spa for a never-to-forget couple’s massage.  Some of the most amazing beach resorts in the world are here, and at a very reasonable price.

South Africa is one of the most romantic places I have ever been.  Hike or ride the gondola to the top to Table Mountain in Cape Town for amazing vistas, then travel to a

Me on Table Mountain

Me on Table Mountain

private game reserve outside of Kruger National Park.  You may experience falling asleep under the starry sky on a viewing platform or listen to the sounds of the bush from a beautiful suite with outdoor shower.  I watched giraffes run across the field just as I was rolling my bag towards my room!   I rely on my good friends at NTABA TOURS.  We will work together on this trip-of-a-lifetime, so tell them I sent you!

As an adventure specialist, I suggest that for a special trip such as one of these that you book early for best pricing and availability.  While there are occasional “deals” to be had if you are flexible and can wait until the last minute, these are typically the less desirable rooms and/or the resort that has construction disruptions.  You don’t want to risk your special retreat being compromised.  Be sure to ask a reliable travel professional to handle all the details, ensuring a fabulous romantic adventure with your honey.

Bobbie Rae Murphy



Considering the misery that massive hurricane Sandy has brought the Northeast, it might seem frivolous to write about vacation trends right now.  But as we all dig out from under the sand and debris, it may be just what the doctor ordered!  With each day comes blessings and many things for which we can be thankful.  Let’s choose to focus on 2013 now, looking forward to opportunity for growth, change, and experiential travel that will be forever in our memories.

"halibut fishing"

Bobbie with her halibut catch in Alaska

Bucket List…what does that mean to you?  Whether you have it written down in your travel journal or it is just a vague mind map, I know you have one.  My clients are traveling well, and with my help, they add exciting excursions and visit memorable places.  They are still heading out for their “trip-of-a-lifetime” to places like Italy, Alaska, Hawaii, and “Down Under”Europe and US river cruises are hot, as are luxurious all-inclusive resorts in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, Mexico (think Riviera Maya and Cabo), and Caribbean islands like Aruba.  And honeymoons are recession-proof!  Lovers will always want luxury, privacy and to create special memories.

More people are planning their vacations in advance in order to secure the best value as well as the best location of their cabin on a ship.  This allows for ample time in planning those extra special adventures for immersing in the local culture and experiencing a destination from a different perspective than the typical traveler would.  Should you use a travel professional to handle every detail of your amazing trip?  Or course you should!  They add value in every way possible…from researching the travel option that best fits your style to knowing how to get those little extras that “wow”, and you certainly want someone in your corner if something unexpected goes awry.  If you simply want the cheapest vacation, that’s ok.  But you will get just that.  A cheap vacation!

According to Vacation Agent Magazine, we are seeing some resorts dropping the dreaded resort fees.  Woo hoo!  I see more small companies offering nature encounters like the Great Canadian Travel Company’s Grizzly and Orca Encounters.   Brendan Vacations is promoting packages to Northeastern Europe…Estonia Latvia and Lithuania.  And G Adventures is sailing to emerging West Africa.  And in the Caribbean, Buccament Bay in St. Vincent is offering Luxury Boot Camps to compliment their tennis and soccer academies for fitness-oriented travelers of all ages.

As we near the Thanksgiving holiday, I give thanks that you share your travel soul with me, and I value that with all of my heart.  Look forward to 2013 and may your bucket list be fulfilled!

Bobbie Rae Murphy

ACTIVE Travel Pro


"Sea Dream I"

Sea Dream I…”Its Yachting, not Cruising”

“It’s Yachting, not Cruising”.  Can you imagine 112 guests being pampered by 95 crew members?  Sea Dream Yacht Club provides a special way to see the world.  Able to duck into the smallest of ports, guests enjoy luxurious accommodations and cuisine, delicious wines, incredible excursions, and even a caviar experience in the warm waters of the ocean.

My clients came to me several years ago with a desire to get away for a week, but unsure of the destination.  The stress of caring for their son, a special needs adult, means that vacations generally need to be brief.  The 7 night Caribbean cruise with Sea Dream was the perfect antidote for them, and they fell in love with the experience.

In May of 2012 they embarked on another amazing voyage with Sea Dream aboard the Sea Dream I from Nice to Monte Carlo.  Active Travel Pro didn’t just say “bon voyage”, however!  Using the five star services of Sophia’s Travel, the adventure began with a private meet-and greet at the airport in Nice, complete with a tour of the beautiful Riviera hill towns such as Lorgues.    And Moustier Saint Marie is one of the most beautiful villages in France, famous for being the city of earthenware and the monastery up the cliff, Notre Dame de Beauvoir of the 13th century.

Le Verdon Gorge is gorgeous (no pun intended!), and it is possible to stop at a winery for a taste of the wine and olive oils of the region.    The Chateau de Berne hotel was incredible…and we were able to choose their room in advance!  We arranged a dinner the first evening, and a cooking class followed by lunch the next day.  A visit to the wine cellars in late afternoon was truly a treat.   The two night stay here was one of the highlights of their trip!

"Cinque Terre"

Cinque Terre, Italy

A private transfer by the same gentleman whisked them to the pier after a special breakfast, and on board the yacht we were able to arrange a seat at the Grand Prix in Monaco!  Joe and Sue love to arrange excursions with the yacht, as it is great fun to share port experiences with fellow guests.  Cinque Terre on the Italian coastline was a highlight for them.As always, my clients enjoy the complete electronic travel guides I share with them, a detailed itinerary, and those extra special surprises I offer.  Your preferences for welcome gifts are noted (red, white, bubbly), and I assist with dinner reservations, enriching excursions, or a confirmation of your preferred bedding type and room location.

On this particular trip, my clients were delayed in flight and shuffled to a coach location instead of the first class seats booked (we saved them hundreds of dollars on first class seats with Delta Vacations), so I handled the contact of limo driver and hotel, and also the follow-up contact with the airlines in request of a refund.  The travel insurance was in place, and resolution found.  Another Active Travel Pro success story is complete.

Bobbie Rae Murphy

Active Travel Pro