Do you see yourself as a habitual vacationer…heading to the same beach every summer to sit in a lounge chair and read a novel, or finding the cheapest hotel room, airline ticket, or cruise cabin?  Or are you the adventure seeker, the rock wall climber, the hiker and biker, the mover and shaker?  This active travel pro has been working for both travel types for more than 12 years, but can you guess which one rocks my world?  I’ll give you one guess; Traveler #2, you complete me!

"Adventure Biking"

Adventure Biking

Bobbie’s Travel is morphing into Active Travel Pro as we speak, and will be live VERY soon (November 2012).  I understand you, #2; we speak the same language.  I have explored many of the destinations you crave to visit, like US National Parks, Maine, California, Florida, Alaska, Costa Rica, South Africa, Hawaii, Mexico, Italy, Canada, the Caribbean Islands,United Kingdom, Scandinavia and Russia.  I have completed education with the Cruise Line Industry Association by receiving one of the highest honors, Master Cruise Counselor.  Very soon I will complete the Travel Institute’s Adventure Specialist Program.

Our great relationship with many industry leaders means we have an edge in excellent service.  My affiliation offers special cruise departures called Vacation Vignettes with on board hosts and excursions included for free.  I am often able to provide a complimentary hotel upgrade, added welcome gift, and other amenities.  You will receive comprehensive travel guides and have every detail of your vacation taken care of while I am at your service before, during and after your amazing adventure.


Zip-lining Away in Costa Rica!

So, my friend, you are a busy professional…use an Active Travel Pro to plan your next journey!  Contact me for your free 30 minute consultation to discover WHAT EXCITES YOU!   Active Travel Pro rocks.

Bobbie Rae Murphy    513.708.1803

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