"Revel Resort Atlantic City"

Revel Resort, Atlantic City

It was such a pleasure and kinesthetic feast to stay at the Revel Hotel the week before Sandy hit the coast in Atlantic City, New Jersey.   Built as a fortress above the boardwalk, Revel Resort managed to reopen just a week later (today) to house some of the newly homeless folks in the area.  Let’s take a short tour.  You can check out the website for details on location and pricing, and perhaps you can visit sometime soon to see for yourself!

"Revel Resort"

the escalator entrance

As I entered the main entrance and ascended one of the many escalators, I knew this was a special place.  The moving stairs crisscrossed below me, and gold pieces of metal hanging from the ceiling sparkled in the sunlight.  A casino hotel that orients towards views of the beach (or any views at all!) is so un-Vegas!  The casino floor is massive and gorgeous, the lobby, with all sorts of little living rooms surrounding and hiding, is stunning.Just off the front desk area is a lovely outdoor gathering spot, complete with fire pit.   And there are more outdoor living areas on this level, too!   The bar inside Revel Resort was always busy in the evening.  With 13 eateries, several fine dining options, you will never need to hit the boardwalk unless for some people watching!  I had an amazing meal at American Cut, and some nice lunches and breakfasts at Luke’s.  Believe it or not, all 1399 rooms have sweeping ocean views.  Ask for the highest room available!

The vibe here is definitely “cool”.  I loved the many sexy curves of the architecture, as well as the fact that I am convinced that they want you to get lost in this place.  There were few signs of direction, and I giggled as I disembarked the escalator to follow what seemed the way to go…only to have the hallway end in a wall of glass!  Later I watched many others do the same.

"Revel Resort"

Revel is on far right

"Pool at Revel"

Pool at Revel

Check Revel Resort out soon for yourself!  You will love the disco and casino, the pool area has outdoor and indoor swimming, the beach is great (although I suspect there is going to be lots of clean-up still to be done) and the staff is helpful.  The beds were comfy, showers big and beautiful and the entire experience incredible.   Enjoy!

Bobbie Murphy