I will bet that you never thought of romance and adventure travel going hand-in-hand, now, did you?  Allow me to paint a picture for ya!

A Bear Mountain Hike

A Bear Mountain Hike

You and your special companion want a short vacation together, you know, to see if your travel styles are going to meld.  Your travel pro is able to secure a wonderful secluded cabin in a mountain retreat…complete with both a luxurious thread-count and a porch with an incredible view.  It even has a hot-tub for soothing tired muscles.  Getting the picture?   Romantic adventure.Hope you brought your hiking boots and maybe even a mountain bike!  For me, there’s nothing more romantic than sitting on a log at the top of a beautiful wooded trail, enjoying the bird sounds while the sun paints various shades of pink, yellow and orange across the sky.  You look into his or her eyes and smile, knowing that you have shared something incredibly special that you will remember forever.

There’s a bucket-list of destinations all over the world ready to be explored with your sweetie; here are a few of my favorites.  It’s so rewarding to plan honeymoons and other milestone trips, and you certainly could use some help to add an element of surprise to make it extra special.  But I would be sure to give them major hints on what to pack!

Scuba Couple

Romance in the Sea

Riviera Maya for kayaking in a biosphere, scuba and snorkel, ATVs, swimming with whale sharks.  Check out the beautiful Playacar Palace, a short stroll from the hustle and bustle of Playa del Carmen.

Any US National Park for hiking, motorcycling, bicycling, and boating or kayaking.  Ballooning?  The National Park Lodges tend to not be luxurious, but many are historic and in amazing settings with fabulous views.  One of my favorites is Yosemite and the Ahwahnee.

Alaska by land or cruise.  Check out the small ship cruises offered by Inner Sea Discoveries. The small ship is able to navigate so much closer to glaciers and dock in the tiniest of ports.  You will have extreme close-up encounters with wildlife and nature.

Hawaii for riding a bike down the volcano Haleakula (you should see the sunrises and sunsets from here!), boat excursions for dinner, snorkel, kayak.  There’s an amazing zip-line in Maui (on other islands, too).   And what’s more romantic than a swim in the ocean and a long walk on a beach?

Thailand, where you can ride an elephantand even give him and bath!  Luxuriate in an incredible spa for a never-to-forget couple’s massage.  Some of the most amazing beach resorts in the world are here, and at a very reasonable price.

South Africa is one of the most romantic places I have ever been.  Hike or ride the gondola to the top to Table Mountain in Cape Town for amazing vistas, then travel to a

Me on Table Mountain

Me on Table Mountain

private game reserve outside of Kruger National Park.  You may experience falling asleep under the starry sky on a viewing platform or listen to the sounds of the bush from a beautiful suite with outdoor shower.  I watched giraffes run across the field just as I was rolling my bag towards my room!   I rely on my good friends at NTABA TOURS.  We will work together on this trip-of-a-lifetime, so tell them I sent you!

As an adventure specialist, I suggest that for a special trip such as one of these that you book early for best pricing and availability.  While there are occasional “deals” to be had if you are flexible and can wait until the last minute, these are typically the less desirable rooms and/or the resort that has construction disruptions.  You don’t want to risk your special retreat being compromised.  Be sure to ask a reliable travel professional to handle all the details, ensuring a fabulous romantic adventure with your honey.

Bobbie Rae Murphy