Gilchrist Restaurant

A travel conference brought me to Atlantic City, NJ, and you know how it is when you are at a business meeting.  There never seems to be time to eat properly or get any exercise other than walking the long distances from your room to the classrooms or exhibit hall!  While I certainly value the information dispensed at these events, sometimes I just have to play hookie and go explore the area.  Besides, the brand new REVEL hotel was built for high rollers…so I escaped for some pricing that was, let’s say, realistic.  Watch for a future review on this fascinating hotel.  Now to the real food.

Getting to the restaurant from any  boardwalk hotel is easy as pie.  Take the #1 or #3 Jitney bus for $2.25 (in 2012) and tell them you want to go to GILCHRIST restaurant.  It’s at 804 N Rhode Island Avenue, on the water at Gardener’s Basin, a cute little marina.  I noticed they have boat tours that leave from here, and an aquarium as well.  There’s another couple of cute restaurant/bars, too, that are open for lunch and dinner.

This place rocks!  Since I was there in October on a weekday it was a little quiet, but the sun was out and it was unseasonably warm, so I ate out on the patio to grab some Vitamin D.  You know, to power me through those lectures!  Open daily 6am-2pm, it’s the kind of place where neighbors meet and everyone knows your name (NORM!).  Family owned, the body-builder son was cook that day, and mom served me.  Inside there were really cool old photos of things AC…like the Elephant building called LUCY and the horse and rider that dropped form a platform into a small pool of water.  Ha, I am sure the animal rights activists would have had a field day with that one!  I understand they did that for years.  Check it out HERE.

Music makes food taste WAY better, don’t you think?  Part of the fun here was the music…I call it Rock and Roll for boomers, but even the youngsters were head bobbing.  One lady walked to her seat dancing!  But I digress.  You are probably reading this because you want to hear about the FOOD.  It rocked, too!

"Atlantic City Restaurant"

Inside Gilchrist

I ate breakfast…a hearty one.  Two eggs your style, two hot cakes with blueberries, real maple syrup and real butter, and choice of meat for under $7 in 2012.  The bacon was yummy.   Eggs just the way I asked (and delivered about 5 minutes after I ordered!) and woa…the pancakes were fabulous.  There are lots of great options on the menu.  Six different breakfast sandwiches, the most unusual  pork roll and cheese on a roll.  BLT would be good for breakfast, too!  They also have grits, all kinds of omelets, scrapple, bagels, oatmeal and seven other kinds of breakfast meats.

The lunch menu is cool, too, with crab cakes, fried flounder (bet it’s fresh), grilled chicken and a variety of salads.  They even had herbal teas with lots of different juice choices.

After you eat and sit and enjoy the scenery (and music!) for a while, you can walk back to the hotel (about 1.5 miles to Revel, which you can see from nearly everywhere on the walk)…or at least part of the way.  It’s a nice neighborhood and always great to stop and smell the roses.  I happened upon the Absecon Lighthouse this way, and decided to work off the flapjacks by climbing the 240 or so stairs to the top for the views.  Sure hope you enjoy Gilchrist Atlantic City Restaurant as much as I did!

"Absecon Lighthouse Atlantic City"

Absecon Lighthouse

To Your Health,

Bobbie Rae Murphy 

Active Travel Pro