As a travel consultant who specializes in adventure travel, I follow the news and trends in this niche closely.  One of the biggest trends in the travel industry today is the fact that Baby Boomers want experiential vacations.  They are done with acquiring things… now seeking memorable and exciting activities and exploring beyond the usual sightseeing while taking that much needed break from their routine.

The adventure seeker can be any age, of course.  From the ski slopes to the oceans to the jungle, we are enjoying outdoor sports and active pursuits while traveling more than ever before.  It doesn’t always require special equipment or skills, either.  Today’s travel companies offer tours all over the world to bikers, hikers and birders.  You can kayak, climb, surf, kite board, scuba, snorkel, sail and even swim with whale sharks!

Travel Agent Central recently revealed survey results from the popular insurance company Travel Guard, who polled travel professionals about international industry trends.  Some major trends to watch:

  • International travel spending is on the rise, with 86 percent of agents reporting their clientele spending the same amount or more than last year.
  • Sixty-three percent said that clients were going farther afield and considering more exotic and /or emerging destinations.
  • 7 percent reportedly chose their travel plans based on the availability of adventure or outdoor activity.

Excellent timing, my friends.  The following is from the Adventure Travel World Summit in Lucerne, Switzerland, taking place this week, October 8-11, 2012.

Stephanie Pearson, Summit journalist and a Contributing Editor at Outside Magazine, attended a Pre-Summit Adventure ‘From the Matterhorn to the hidden valleys of the Valais – Zermatt, Sierre Anniviers’, arranged by Valais Tourism.  Here is a brief excerpt.

“At around noon, after a change into crampons and a thigh-burning climb, we achieve both objectives. As we celebrate at the summit and look toward the jagged peaks of Switzerland, Italy, and France, I’m thinking in metaphors. Here we are, on this Pre-Summit Summit Adventure, a bunch of strangers from around the globe bound together to achieve a common goal, whether it’s climbing a peak or taking adventure travel to a higher level. If everyone can glean even a little from the Swiss this week, the industry will be going in the best possible direction.”

Are you ready for a thrill? Check out this link from one of my favorite magazines, National Geographic Adventure.     Click here:  The Ultimate Adventure Bucket List 2012.

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