Bobbie Petting a Cheetah in Africa

My job is the BEST! Having a business that allows me to help adventure lovers have amazing experiences while traveling with people they care about makes me feel incredible. Being more of a participant than a spectator my entire life certainly helps me understand the needs of people who love to do exciting things and explore new places. Loving nature, finding the best way to see a destination with gusto and having new and exciting experiences…these are my goals while traveling this amazing planet. Hey, call me the anti-lounge chair lady! These are my goals for you, too, my friend.

What are my TOP 3 reasons you should take this kind of vacation?

1. You love to move, and I can help you find exciting excursions in every destination in the world…without having to plan it yourself. Do it all!

2. You nature lover, you…get into the jungle on a zip-line, balloon over amazing scenery, ski the Alps, cruise on your private catamaran and snorkel to your heart’s content. The best thing is you will create memories with your traveling companions that you’ll be talking about for years to come.

3. It’s nice to go to the beach, I love the ocean and all, but wouldn’t you love to share more than a tan with your friends when you return? Doesn’t it feel great to stretch your comfort level a bit and face one of your fears? I will bet that you will never forget a zip line that takes you over bear cubs fishing in the stream below, now, will you? It’s OK, take some baby steps and allow me to help you experience something you never have before.

I love the quote “Dance like nobody’s watching”. It defines me. So many times, we hold back because of a FEAR. Fear of falling, fear of a person making fun of us, fear of doing something and then not enjoying it, or even worse, regretting. Are you letting something keep you from trying something new? What is the worst that would happen if you stretch yourself and just do it? I have heard all the reasons why NOT to do something new and exciting. Kinda like beginning this blog (do you know how long I have been talking about doing this?). It feels SO GOOD to get this process started. I wish for you NO REGRETS. DO WHAT EXCITES YOU!